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            Like it or not, change happens. Technology is here to stay. I have strived to provide the best service that I could using it. But as with many things, improvement can cause choices to become limited. To provide the best service in a modern environment, I would like to announce that I have decided to associate Jack's Tax with H&R Block. The result for you will be a better experience when patronizing our service. Although associated with the Block brand, I want you to know this is Jack’s Tax Service. I'm taking the best of my firm and fixing any past problems with resources that Block can provide, as the premier service in the COUNTRY.


            My health has become fragile, and this association takes away a lot of distraction I have had in the past, allowing me to focus on you, your return, and questions using the support and resources not available otherwise.


Among some of the new solutions of interest are:

               24/7 access to your future tax return(s) through a secure portal if you wish

               Fee Health insurance tax review and access support

Emerald Cards (tm)  and more sophisticated banking products.

Contact and communications via e-mail, texting, phone at your discretion.

Peace of Mind extended warranty service in the event of an audit or adverse tax situation.

Free 1040 EZ FEDERAL (limited time offer) to those who qualify

Drop Off processing will be prioritized and expedited.


Items that are not changing but will be enhanced:

Year-round service.

Availability of Audit representation.

Longer interview and review of your tax return.


Our focus is to:

Make you feel welcome.

Share our knowledge and information.

Assure and inform you so you KNOW that you are getting every legitimate deduction and credit available.

Listen and explain the whys and why for's.

Give you the BEST value in Tax preparation.

Take care of YOU, and your unique tax situation.


I will not be pre-scheduling appointments this year. Feel free to call (800) 968-6755, (320) 257-8297. Or stop in to reserve your appointment slot and meet Tom Krekelberg, a tax professional with 13 years experience, and Natalie Chairez customer service. Email your preferred date/time or return phone/text number to  GetIn@JacksTaxInc.com. We can get you scheduled and confirmed that way too.

John W Reed EA